MountainView Bridge Club


Ann Kuperberg

April showers bring May flowers and balmy weather. The snowbirds have left but another flock of players is returning. We gladly welcome the non-life members who are joining our ranks again. If you need a partner, contact Jean Reitan at [email protected].

The MountainView Bridge Club meets at the Catalina Room next to the Mesquite Grill but, when there’s a change in venue, members are notified a few days in advance.

We may see the same names for winners each week but that doesn’t mean that other players don’t get master points. Scores for players in April who received master points more than three times were Steve Maltman with Donna DePesa, Barb Sullenger, Bob Brussel, Bonnie and Bob Hertzog, Peter Godfrey, Ann Kuperberg, Dick Quigg, Betty Edwards, Midge Miller and Marian Rogge.

More advice from experts:

August Boehm talks about a balancing bid. “When reliable opponents find a fit and stop low, limiting their hands, it is a losing tactic to sell out, especially not vulnerable…1) You may find a makeable partial, 2) you may force the opponents to the 3 level, 3) you may find a worthwhile sacrifice, paying out less than their score of 110.

However, Mr. Boehm also mentions a fourth possibility of bad split, penalty double.

The Bridge Bulletin, a monthly publication from ACBL, has valuable articles for players of all levels.

You can always ask players you respect for their advice, too. Partners should be able to communicate with each other and discuss problems after they leave the table. The more you understand about each other’s bidding and defensive style, the more successful you’ll be.