M-PMGA continues its participation in Pima Cup

Bob Edelblut

On March 2, three two-man teams of M-PMGA players were scheduled to do battle with teams representing The Oro Valley Country Club in Pima Cup competition at the SaddleBrooke Golf Club. Once again Mother Nature intervened and the match was postponed. Finally, on March 30, the match was able to be played and the M-PMGA team was victorious winning by a score of 30 to 24. Our A Players were once again Jon Michels and Ron Tie, our B players were Bob Maruniak and Tony Blunt and our C players were Darryl Henderson and Dan Schroeder. Thanks to all of you for bringing home the bacon!

On March 19 the El Conquistador Country Club hosted the next Pima Cup event. Our opponent on this day was a team from the La Paloma Country Club. Our B players were Shel Jahn and Ted Olson and they were winners by a score of 9.5 to 8.5 in their match. Our A players were Dennis Marchand and Tom Fitzgerald and our C players were Steve Garceau and Bob Brussel. Both teams played well but lost close matches to their opponents. The final score in this match was La Paloma 31.5 and the M-PMGA 22.5.

The Pima Cup match played on April 8 was hosted by the M-PMGA at the Preserve Golf Club. Our opponent for this match was the Ventana Canyon team and our lineup for the day was Dick Stanley and Al Bolty as A players, Dan Schroeder and Fred Kjar as B players and Scott Newberry and Ed Skaff as C players. Every match went down to the wire. Our A team and our C team tied their opponents and earned nine points. Our B team won their match by a score of 10 to 8 giving us a winning margin of two points. Again we thank all of you who have represented our Men’s Club so well in these events. The next Pima Cup event will be April 20 at  Ventana Canyon.