M-PMGA 2016 Board of Directors set for the upcoming year

Bob Edelblut

On Thursday, January 7 the first monthly luncheon of the year was held by the M-PMGA at the MountainView Ballroom. Under normal circumstances all members attending the luncheon would have participated in 2016’s first weekly tournament, but Mother Nature had other plans and after a brief early morning discussion the golf event was cancelled. Bob Eder, our new president, opened the meeting with an introduction of this year’s Board. Bob Maruniak (vice president), Greg Cahill (Membership), Dick Helms (Tournament Chairman) and Bob Edelblut (secretary and Publicity) were recognized along with new members Dan Nordhill (Sponsorship), Al Bolty (Rules Chairman), Harry Clausen (Handicap Chairman), David Cohen (Special Events Chairman) and Tom Quinn (treasurer). After introducing the new Board and offering a few choice comments Bob outlined his vision to enhance the experience of membership in the Men’s Club for all members. The luncheon’s primary speaker was Doug Rogers of Sonora Investment Management, our January Corporate Sponsor. Thank you Doug, for your continued support. Once again we thank the Banquet Staff of HOA 2 for providing us with fine food and excellent service.

The M-PMGA is the Men’s Golf Club for HOA 2. We currently have over three hundred members and offer two types of membership, full or handicap only. Our association is a member of the Arizona Golf Association and our member handicaps are registered with the AGA. A full membership allows the member to participate in weekly tournaments designed for fun as well as competition, in about a dozen special event tournaments spread out over the year, in monthly luncheons that always provide chatter and laughter with your fellow members and in two special luncheons we call the Bashes that offer free food and free beer to all members. The cost is only $90 a year. Having fun playing golf is our most important product. More membership information can be obtained from Greg Cahill (Membership Chairman) at [email protected].