Line Dancers raise funds for a K9 bulletproof vest

Dr. Mark Magdanz

October 14 Rebecca Magdanz held her major party event of 2017; the dance party included over 50 dancers. Great fun was had on the dance floor with students from both SaddleBrooke and the Ranch participating. In three hours of dancing about 30 different dances were enjoyed by Levels 1, 2 and 3. Surplus party proceeds and donations raised $352 to benefit a project special to us this year. With multiple disasters in the world, our group decided to donate for purchase of K9 rescue/safety supply. We specified a stab and bullet protective vest. Suppliers now also produce cooling vests, protective boots, vehicle heat alarms and numerous other items. Through charitable donations support supplies are provided to underfunded law enforcement, fire, search and rescue and military K9s throughout the U.S.

The average Military working dog saves 150 lives during its time. For some fun and light education about our working friends check out and search military, police etc. for working dogs; it’s a hoot and an education. Maybe our vest will save one of theirs.

For information on Line Dance Lessons and Activities contact Rebecca at [email protected] or phone 818-2656.