Golf Course Maintenance Crew appreciation event

Don Plapinger

Maintaining a golf course is a serious task. It has got to be well maintained for the golfers every single day and countless issues can come up. This is why, no matter if the course is a massive one like the one at the Wildhorse Resort & Casino or a small, local one, you should always take time to stop and appreciate the people who put in the effort to keep the golf courses looking their best.

The crews work hard all year round but with the impending sale of MountainView and The Preserve to the HOA, this will be the last Appreciation Lunch for our golf course maintenance crews. The lunch will be held on December 15 at the maintenance shed. The maintenance workers are not SaddleBrooke TWO employees and they do not benefit from the SaddleBrooke TWO employee appreciation effort. All contributions go directly to the men who work in daylight and darkness, through all weather conditions, side by side with the rattlesnakes and scorpions (not to mention the occasional errant golf shot) to make our courses a great place to play golf. This luncheon is our way to take one day out of the year and show them our appreciation for their efforts.

At the luncheon each crew member is presented with a “sealed envelope” containing holiday cash. In addition, members of the various golf associations will provide the food for the luncheon. We are asking for contributions from the SaddleBrooke golfing community to make that possible. We understand that many golfers do not participate in one of the men or women’s golf associations, but still enjoy playing our lovely courses. Collection boxes will be available at both The Preserve and MountainView Golf Pro Shops through December to make it easy for you to contribute. Donations may also be sent to Don Plapinger, 62265 Sand Crest in SaddleBrooke. Please make checks payable to Don Plapinger. In the past our golf course workers and their families have been able to have a happy holiday season due to your generosity. Thank you in advance for continuing this holiday tradition in the SaddleBrooke golf community.