Line Dance Lessons with Rebecca

Dr. Mark Magdanz

A nine-lesson series will begin the week of July 16 for every level of line dance student. There is space and time to sign up for the third most popular method of exercise among seniors. If you tried elsewhere and couldn’t keep up, formal lessons are your likely answer. Whether you are a novice, somewhat experienced or a higher-level line dancer, Rebecca’s classes are professionally designed to build skills and the fundamentals of dance. Like learning the ABC’s, getting basic steps allows you to build a strong foundation for enjoyable dancing. Each 90-minute class affords new social contacts, improved fitness, brain stimulation and fun.

Why are professionally taught line dance lessons best for you? Step drills are performed giving basics. Dances are chosen for fun and to broaden skills. Your fitness/performance is under experienced observation. Step cues are spoken prior to performance so students can keep time with the music. Step and count are provided so varying learning styles are supported. Rebecca observes to verify that students are adequately proficient before proceeding. Her knowledge and support allow changes to movements that reduce chance of injury. Rebecca personally chooses dances then does written, verbal and visual review of the steps used in class. She’s also learned all of her dances from the get-go providing her the necessary information to reduce learning difficulty for the student.

Level 1/Novice Class is just the ticket for first timers, slower paced dancers and especially those who have had trouble keeping up or catching on elsewhere. No one who stays with it fails at Level 1 or even Level 2 with Rebecca at the helm. Level 1 class serves three types of dancers: 1) Beginners obtaining basic knowledge and training; 2) Dancers who have been away for a while and need gradual re-entry and 3) Dancers who are ready to slow down their pace but not stop their dancing days. One of the biggest hurdles found with brand new dancing pleasure is moving the tootsies a bit quicker; Level 1 is designed to ease the transition to faster footwork. Many dances will be new and additional step teaching will make for a gradual physical fitness level increase. Novice Level 1 series packages are paid in full in advance to reserve your spot and occur mid-day on Mondays and Thursdays.

Level 2 classes are for the more fit and experienced. They are Monday and/or Tuesday morning. All classes are taught on a reservation basis, and restricted class size allows all dancers the opportunity to learn without crowding.

“Dance with your heart and your feet will follow!”

To place your name on one of the reservation lists for summer or fall, contact Rebecca Magdanz, Professional Line Dance Instructor with 10+ years of SaddleBrooke teaching, at [email protected] or phone 818-2656.