Line Dance Lessons with Rebecca

Line Dance with Rebecca will kick off with a party in mid-October. Rebecca loves her students who are always number one.

Line Dance with Rebecca will kick off with a party in mid-October. Rebecca loves her students who are always number one.

Dr. Mark Magdanz

Japanese Proverb

We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.”

Why are professionally taught Line Dance lessons best? Your instructor provides you with numerous value added experiences enhancing success: Step drills for basics, dances chosen for fun and to broaden dancing skills, your improving fitness under experienced observation. More complex steps can easily impede new dancers, so alternate steps are fit to individual capabilities as needed. Step cues are spoken adequately prior to performance so students can have success keeping time with the music. Your learning/performing process is verbally supported and enhanced through repetition in lessons. Rebecca observes to verify that the students are becoming adequately skilled with steps before proceeding. Physical limitations are discussed and compensated for in most circumstances. The dances in each series are limited so as not to overwhelm students. Most importantly she has the knowledge to provide advanced caution on moves difficult for aging joints. Shoes on, dance, play, go home – no volunteering pressures.

Line dancing is fun, moderately aerobic exercise. Fall classes have something for everybody no matter skill, age or experience. All you need is a desire to dance and the ability to laugh. All three proficiency levels have fall series starting the week of September 28. Students obtain reservations far into the future, so with sessions starting in September and January of 2016 – reserve now for secure space.

Level One Beginners class is for new line dancers and those whose age and foot speed are fading. For newcomers and modest pace dancers Level One is the best. Classes are Monday at HOA 1. You may dance Level One Wednesday at SaddleBrooke Ranch (space available).

Level Two Easy Intermediate classes provide faster learning and more exercise. Those with previous training may be able to enter here. Classes are Monday afternoon in HOA 2 and Tuesday at HOA 1. You may dance Level Two Wednesday at SaddleBrooke Ranch (space available).

Level Three Intermediate is most challenging; more complexity and vigorous workout if you have stamina and experience. A very few have started here. Class is Thursday in HOA 2.

Saturday afternoon party paced sessions occur year round for Levels Two and Three in order to perfect skills and increase stamina and mainly for a lot of fun and laughter. Level One party pace sessions are on Thursday.

It’s last minute signup time for the fall. If you’re just returning for the season, act now to dance with Rebecca this fall or to get reserved for January 2016. Provisions are made for starting late or missing due to travels. Starting a little late in Level One is not an issue as the learning and foot speed pace increases gradually.

Classes are taught by reservation only. For information on Line Dancing lessons and to register, contact Rebecca Magdanz at [email protected] or phone 818-2656. Rebecca has been instructing year round in SaddleBrooke since 2008  and lives in Unit 24.