Line Dance lessons with Rebecca

Adopted cats Mesquite, Callie and Barney not only love lining up for their treats but also support pet rescue.

Adopted cats Mesquite, Callie and Barney not only love lining up for their treats but also support pet rescue.

Dr. Mark Magdanz

Rebecca has the ability to teach almost any species to dance. Sometimes it just takes a treat. The July party saw 48 folks join her on the dance floor. The after expense proceeds from parties are always donated to a worthy cause. Rebecca’s generous students often donate extra on top of their admission. The leftover/donations on this occasion were turned over to the SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue—-a more than worthy and hard working group that takes on the care, vetting and adoption to permanent homes of our four footed friends. These pets were displaced by the loss or relocation of our neighbors. They are socialized unfortunate victims of the loss of their owners. These critters left behind deserve good homes. Our great dancers allowed us to donate $283 to this worthy cause. Should you have space in your heart and home, consider adopting and/or temporary fostering one of these lonely pets.

Line dancing is fun exercise. Summer has A/C and smaller classes and it brings something for everybody no matter skill, age or experience. All you need is the desire to dance and the ability to laugh. All three proficiency levels have their summers start the week of July 27. Students have reservations far into the future so, with sessions starting in July, September and January of 2016—reserve now.

Level 1 Beginners class is for new line dancers and those whose age/foot speed are ebbing. For newcomers/modest pace dancers, Level 1 is the best. Classes are Monday at HOA 1. This summer you can also dance Level 1 Wednesdays at SaddleBrooke Ranch.

Level 2 Easy Intermediate classes provide faster learning and more exercise. Those with previous training may be able to enter here. Classes are Monday afternoon in HOA 2 and Tuesday at HOA 1. In summer you may dance Level 2 Wednesday at SaddleBrooke Ranch if space allows.

Level 3 Intermediate is most challenging—more complexity and a vigorous workout. If you have stamina and experience, a very few start here. Classes are Thursdays at HOA 2.

Saturday afternoon party paced sessions occur year round for Levels 2 and 3 in order to perfect skills and increase stamina and mainly for a lot of fun and laughter. Level 1 party pace sessions are on Thursday. You don’t have to be in a series to come and play.

It’s last minute sign up time for the summer. If you’re gone for the season, plan to dance with Rebecca fall and winter and get listed for a class fall ’15/winter ‘16. Provisions are made for starting late or missing due to travels. Starting late in Level 1 is not an issue as the pace learning and foot speed increases gradually.

Dance with your heart and your feet will follow!

Classes are taught on a reservation only basis. For information on Line Dancing lessons or to register, contact Rebecca Magdanz at [email protected] or phone 818-2656. Rebecca has been instructing dancers in SaddleBrooke since 2008.