Last chance for summer fitness specials

This is your last chance to purchase SaddleBrooke HOA Two’s summer specials. The specials end August 31, though they do not expire for six months.

The first special is only $400 for 10 one hour sessions or for 20 half hour sessions, a $50 savings! The second special is $400 for 8 one hour sessions of in-home personal training, a $40 savings!

Why personal training?

A personal trainer is a fitness professional involved in exercise prescription and instruction. They motivate clients by setting goals, provide feedback and accountability. Personal trainers educate their clients in many aspects of wellness and exercise such as bone and joint health, strength, core, posture, balance, sports specific training, cardiovascular fitness, injury prevention and recovery, stress reduction and so much more. Our bodies were meant to move. Sitting and sedentary lifestyle are a silent killer. Please take a moment to speak with one of our trainers about your fitness and wellness goals for yourself. Our personal trainers are certified and up to date with the newest fitness research, and training techniques. Learn how to enjoy the gym as well as how to change up your workout routine. Through dedication and education one can impact their health greatly! Only you can make the change to create a healthier lifestyle!

Call 818-1172 for more different personal training packages or other information or stop by the HOA2 Administrative Office to purchase your tickets. We are waiting to help you achieve the best you can be, improve your game, be injury free, and live well!