Ladies Tennis Organized Play Is Back!

Playing on Aug. 7 were Peggy Albrecht, Linda Foy, Debbie McGeehan, Caryl Wallin, Denise Phillips, Keri Davis, Cindy Madsen, and Diane Gustafson. We had fun and competitive play!

Debbie McGeehan

How can you have fun and play competitive tennis on Monday mornings? It’s simple! Sign up for organized play on Court Reserve one week in advance. Let our club’s computer system do the rest!

There are so many advantages to participating in organized play. It provides an opportunity for SaddleBrooke Tennis Club members to meet and play with fellow members. It is also a perfect venue to welcome new members to our club. As our club membership grows, it becomes more challenging to reserve court time in the winter months. Organized play always has priority for court assignments over individual requests. The computer system will assign you at your playing level. If you choose, you and your partner can link and practice for league play against players who may not be in your regular group. No need to look for subs and commit one month out! If weather is a factor, play will be canceled by a coordinator with an early email sent out regarding court conditions.

Ladies Organized Play is held on Mondays and Fridays. Men’s Organized Play is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mixed Doubles Organized Play is held on Saturdays. We are encouraging the ladies to sign up for Mondays at 7 a.m. or preferably 9 a.m. You will still have the opportunity to play with your friends in your groups throughout the week.