Kids’ Closet Golf Balls

Jim Handrigan

Once again we are asking for your help. KCGB has been in operation since 2000. As of this October we have been able to raise over $163,000 and have clothed over 1,200 kids. All this has been possible because of your continued generosity and support over the years. If you have a collection of boxes or buckets of balls in your garage, please consider donating them to KCGB.

As you can see from the above paragraph, you’ll be donating them to a good cause. Balls may be dropped off at Strandz Salon and Spa in the SaddleBrooke Shopping Center or at the homes of Jon Michels at 62200 E. Valley Crest Court or my home at 62247 E. Rangewood Drive. If you need someone to pick up your donation, please call me at 825-8142 and I will arrange a pick up.

As always, thanks for your continued support.