The Empty Chair

Joan Elder

It was his chair. No one had to label it or even place a reserved sign on it. We all knew it was his chair. He sat in the same chair in the same spot in the Saguaro Room every other Saturday morning for the Writers’ Group. He sat in a similar chair in the front of the ballroom whenever the Institute for Judaic Studies held a service. It was very fitting for those two chairs to be unofficially reserved for the man who was instrumental in the establishment of both of those organizations. Although there is no physical chair connected to the ILR (Institute for Learning in Retirement), his vision created the classes attended by those who wish to continue lifelong learning.

With his devoted wife Blanche beside him in all his activities, Joel Waldstreicher left a legacy in the SaddleBrooke Community. His passing in September created a huge void in our community. We can only hope that the people who come forward to assume the many tasks done by Joel will be able to fill his shoes. He will be missed by all.