Jim “The Artist” Morris and Tom “Ski” Kaliski triumphant!

Joe Giammarino and Dominic Borland

Pool Players of The Brooke want to thank our generous sponsors Hardin Brothers Automotive and Red Lobster. On September 30, 2017 the Pool Players of the Brooke hosted a Partners 8-Ball Tournament. Tournament Directors were Dominic Borland and Joe Giammarino. The following field of 16 players gathered to play competitive 8-Ball. After a Skill Rating controlled draw where the top 8 Skill Rated players from the Pool Players of the Brooke would draw a partner from the balance of the field, the eight Partners were Jay “The Shamrock Shooter” Clary and Rita “I’m Back” Giammarino, Tom “Ski” Kaliski and Jim “The Artist” Morris, Joe “Fast Eddie” Giammarino and Gary Barlow, Tom “Blind Squirrel” Barrett and Jan “Banker” Stebbins, Richard “Loose Rack” Galant (Ranch) and Nancy Barrett, Dominic “The Doctor” Borland and Jack Hepner, Gary “Bushwhacker” Powers and Dave Strief and Dan “Oh No!” Stebbins and Darlene “Breaker-Breaker” Morris.


First: Tom “Ski” Kaliski and Jim “The Artist” Morris – Perfect Pool – 4 wins 0 losses Second: Gary “Bushwhacker” Powers and Dave Strief – A Tenacious Effort – 3 wins 2 losses


Tom “Ski” Kaliski and Jim “The Artist” Morris rode to an undefeated victory started by sending Jay “The Shamrock Shooter” Clary and Rita “I’m Back” Giammarino to the losers’ bracket after a hard fought game. Their next opponent was Tom “Half Jacket” Barrett and Jan “Banker” Stebbins, Tom and Jim sent them to the losers’ bracket to further their championship run. Gary “Bushwhacker” Powers and Dave Strief were next up and their fate was no different than Tom and Jim’s other opponents; they were defeated and sent to the losers’ side. Meanwhile Gary and Dave were working their way through the losers’ side for the chance to match up again with Tom and Jim who were on the hill waiting for someone. Gary and Dave would have to beat Tom and Jim twice to take the championship, but that didn’t happen. Tom and Jim won the first match for the Championship. Congrats to Tom “Ski” Kaliski and Jim “The Artist” Morris!

Sponsor’s Gifts: Hardin Brothers Automotive – Dan Stebbins – Gift Certificate Red Lobster – Joe Giammarino – Gift Certificate

The day started with 11 of the 16 participants meeting at the Roadrunner Grill at 11:15 a.m. for an early lunch. The 8-Ball Partners Tournament started at 1:00 p.m. and lasted two and a half hours with 22 games of 8-Ball being played. We competed and met some new friends that shared our passion, Dave Strief, Jack Hepner and Gary Barlow who are on the Pool Players of the Brooke member’s waiting list. That is a good day! Rack ‘em up!

The Pool Players of the Brooke wants to extend a big thank you to all our participants and sponsors. A special thank you to the four Sharkettes that stepped up and competed today, Rita, Nancy, Jan and Darlene!