Jewish Friendship Group News

Winners of the Trivia contest (left to right): Standing: Paul Shalita, Joel Marmorstein, Marilyn Anthony, Don Colen, Marsha Foresman; seated: Melanie Einbund, Sherry Marmorstein, Laurie Colen

Marsha Foresman

The Jewish Friendship Group (JFG) performed a mitzvah. Last month, after Sandy Rosen delivered toys to the Diamond Center, she received a call from the hospital. A hospital social worker was able to assist a terminally ill mother bring joy to her children. The social worker arranged for this woman to choose holiday gifts for her children from those toys that JFG had donated. This immediate impact on our community is what we hope to achieve in our philanthropic activities.

The JFG Book Club welcomed the new year by reviewing The Last Kings of Shanghai, by Jonathan Kaufman, on Jan. 12. Melanie Einbund hosted the book group, and everyone sat at a long table reminiscent of Passover Seders. Melanie and Sherry Kaplan directed the discussion concerning the many European Jews who escaped the Holocaust through Shanghai, and the discussion proved to be thought provoking.

On a chilly yet sunny morning, Jan. 19, about 25 women enjoyed a lovely Ladies Coffee at the home of Sandy Rosen. It was wonderful to see new community members, as well as familiar friends. A highlight of the event was being able to watch and learn about Sandy’s beautiful saltwater fish. Each fish has a name based on its looks and/or personality!

JFG Ladies Coffees are held monthly and provide an opportunity for members to get together in a casual, social setting. The next event will be held on Feb. 15 at the home of Mindy Sensiba, cohosted by Fran Berman.

The annual Jewish Trivia Dinner at the Vermillion Room of SaddleBrooke One was held on Jan. 24. A delicious lasagna dinner was enjoyed by all, with unending salad and a variety of cookies for dessert. It is appreciated that the SaddleBrooke One kitchen was able to accommodate dietary restrictions. Marilyn Anthony searched the Internet for 20 diabolical Jewish Trivia questions. Once again, no geniuses appeared, but one team was able to answer 14 questions, and each member of the team received a gift card. A second prize was also awarded. Members of the winning team were Laurie and Don Colen, Melanie Einbund, Sherry and Joel Marmorstein, Paul Shalita, and Marsha Foresman.

The JFG Potluck is scheduled for Monday evening, Feb. 13, at the SaddleBrooke One Activity Center. Potluck parties always bring out the hidden chefs in this group, and these feasts always have enough food to satisfy every taste and dietary need.

For those planning way ahead, please mark your calendars for Monday, March 6, for the annual Purimspiel Party. The Purim Story will be read, and you will be advised to cheer for Mordechai (the good guy) and boo for Hamen (the very bad guy). As always, delicious food will be served. Hopefully, this year, more people will dress in costume so that prizes can be awarded.

The Jewish Friendship Group welcomes anyone interested in identifying with the Jewish community here in SaddleBrooke. If you have any questions about the group, feel free to contact Sandy Rosen at 520-910-1437 or Eileen Zelmanow at 571-217-0358.