Jewish Friendship Group news – October 2014

Marilyn Anthony

The September potluck was an outstanding success. The food was superb even necessitating brisket police to ensure a slice for everyone! There were more than 50 different dishes from unusual salads to casseroles to yummy desserts. The many volunteers who helped set up the room got to eat first (pays to volunteer). A wonderful time was had by all – as always.

The JFG is looking forward to seeing the arrival back of its many snowbirds from colder climes and hopes to see them all at the dinner at the Mesquite Grill in HOA 2 on November 19. Watch your inboxes for details of the menu and payment.

And in case you think that the only activity of members of the JFG do is eating—the first meeting of the new season of the Co-ed Book Club was on October 9 at 11:30 a.m. at the home of Sandy Epstein where Rav Hisda’s Daughter, by Maggie Anton, was under review. Next we are reading Love and Treasure by Ayelet Waldman for the meeting on November 13. Please watch your email for notification of the venue.

The Book Club is still looking for volunteers to present and host. If you wish to do so, please contact Sandy Epstein at [email protected] or 612-636-3333 to check which books still need a champion.

The first Women’s Coffee of the season was superbly hosted by Margie Baron and Rachel Cantor. The morning gathering was convivial and a few new participants were welcomed to the group. We encourage old and new members to connect and expand their circle of friends in SaddleBrooke. Come join us in November at our upcoming Women’s Coffee hosted by Marilyn Greenberg and Zelda Aaronson on Tuesday, November 4 at 10:30 a.m. at the home of Zelda Aaronson, 39538 S. Sand Crest Drive. Please RSVP to Zelda at 818-3842 or Marilyn at 818-1367 by October 31. Catch up on all the news!

The JFG mourns the recent passing of Paul Berman and Joel Waldstreicher, both of whom had been long standing members of the JFG. Paul was an avid and excellent trivial pursuit player and Joel was one of the founding members of the Institute of Learning in Retirement. Both will be very much missed.

For further information about the JFG, please contact Seth Basker at [email protected] or 425-391-5000.