Jewish Friendship Group

Carol and Mart Gordon do their moves at the Sock Hop.

Carol and Mart Gordon do their moves at the Sock Hop.

Marilyn Anthony

Oh What a Night wasn’t one of the hits played at the recent dinner but it certainly was quite the night as our members took to the floor for the first JFG dance of the century after enjoying an excellent dinner. The music, slow and fast, got many people onto the dance floor to enjoy (and request) hits of the 50s and 60s. A great time was had by all – even those who didn’t dance but rather watched the dancers and listened to the music. We have already received many requests to make it an annual event!

The JFG Seder on Friday, April 22 at 6:00 p.m. in the Vermilion Room, HOA 1 will be led by Seth Basker and Sam Horowitz and will, as usual, not be the standard by the book Hagaddah Seder. Seating in this room is limited and only the first 72 reservations can be accepted. Deadline for reservations is Friday, April 15.

Cost: $35.50 per person for members; $37.50 per person for non-members; tip and tax is included.

Please send your check to Laurie Colen, 63845 E. Orangewood Lane, SaddleBrooke 85739.

Don’t forget to put your choice of entrée on your check.

The next Ladies’ Coffee will be on May 26 at 10:30 a.m. at the home of Leslie Nagy, 38371 S. Golf Course Drive and co-hosted by Loraine Stillman. Kindly RSVP by May 22 to Leslie at 355-5064, [email protected] or Loraine at 825 6901, [email protected].

Many newcomers have attended and joined the JFG after experiencing a warm welcome from wonderful ladies; numerous have forged special friendships over the years. Since we are all eager to visit and enjoy these coffees we need more co-hostesses for June and onward. A venue and simple continental coffee are all that are needed to host. The co-hostesses can select their date, time, location etc. Please contact Harriet Rosenberg at 529-6533, [email protected] or Louise Newitz at 971-8886, [email protected] if you would like to host.

On April 14 the Co-ed Book club discussed An Officer and a Spy by Robert Harris, an in-depth fictional (and yet not) look at the Dreyfus affair and was moderated by Rhoda Kaplan.

Our book for May 12 is The Aleppo Codex by journalist Matti Friedman, a true-life detective story tracing how this precious manuscript was smuggled from its hiding place in Syria into the newly founded state of Israel and how and why many of its most sacred and valuable pages went missing. The book will be presented by Sam Horowitz.

JFG membership dues for 2016 are $18 per person and should be sent to Laurie Colen at 63845 E. Orangewood Lane.

We count on your support and encourage you to join our regular activities which are solely intended to encourage and enable the extension of Jewish friendships throughout SaddleBrooke. Please make your suggestions known to Steve or Sy.

For further information about the JFG, please contact Co-Presidents Steve Grabell at [email protected], 520-825-4159 or Sy Efron at [email protected], 520-825-7047.