Jack “Scratch” Hoverter Vanquishes Field of 15

Left to right: Jack “Scratch” Hoverter, 1st place; Steve Searl, 4th place; Joe “Fast Eddie” Giammarino, 3rd place; and Tony “The Snake” Cardillo, 2nd place

Left to right: Jack “Scratch” Hoverter, 1st place; Steve Searl, 4th place; Joe “Fast Eddie” Giammarino, 3rd place; and Tony “The Snake” Cardillo, 2nd place

Joe Giammarino

Pool Players of The Brooke Billiards Club (PPB) want to thank our generous sponsors Leah Kari of Secure Senior Health Solutions and XPERT Automotive in Catalina.

On Feb. 27, the PPB Billiards Club hosted an 8-Ball Singles Tournament in SaddleBrooke One’s Catalina Recreation Center (CRC) Billiards Room. The format was single game, double elimination. Due to COVID-19, all participants were required to wear face masks, sanitize their hands before every game, and only eight players at a time were allowed in the billiard room with the other participants having to wait in the card room or outside to keep social distancing. Participants endured the face masks even though some had difficulty breathing easily and some having their eyeglasses fog up while playing.

Tournament directors were Dominic Boland and Joe Giammarino. The following field of 15 players gathered to play competitive 8-Ball. Phelps “Frnchfry” L’Hommedieu, Tom “Blind Squirrel” Barrett, Jerry Cogswell, Steve Searl, Dick Steinsvagg, Dick “The Visor” Titus, Dominic “The Doctor” Borland, Henry Krebs, Tony “The Snake” Cardillo, Jack “Scratch” Hoverter, Joe “Fast Eddie” Giammarino, Jim “Shooter” Fabio, Rodger “Pocket Dodger” Beard, and George “The “G” Man” Bone.


1st: Jack “Scratch” Hoverter; Finally showed his true game, congrats! 7 wins 1 loss

2nd: Tony “The Snake” Cardillo; Came up a bit short today! 4 wins 2 losses

3rd: Joe “Fast Eddie” Giammarino; Even my billiard socks did not help! 3 wins 2 losses


Jack Hoverter’s path to victory over a field of 15 skilled 8-Ballers was as follows: He started out by defeating both Jerry Cogswell and Steve Searl. Then Joe Giammarino gave Jack his only loss of the tournament and sent him to the loser’s side. In the loser’s bracket, Jack got into stroke and outplayed Fred Dianda, Steve Searl again, and then redeemed himself by knocking Joe Giammarino out of the tourney to avenge his only loss of the day. Jack then had to beat Tony Cardillo twice to win the tournament. Jack won the first game to set up the final game. The final game went back and forth until Tony was positioned to win but faltered and scratched on the 8-Ball to give Jack the win. Congrats Jack “Scratch” Hoverter you went to the top of the mountain today!

Sponsor’s Gift Winners:

Dick “The Visor” Titus: Leah Kari of Secure Senior Health Solutions, Sponsor’s Gift

George “The “G” Man” Bone: XPERT Automotive in Catalina, Sponsor’s Gift

The PPB wants to extend a big thank you to all our participants and sponsors. The 8-Ball Singles tournament started at 11:30 a.m. and lasted two hours and ten minutes with 29 games of 8-Ball being played. We competed and met some new friends that shared our passion. That is a good day! Rack ’em up!

Our sponsor Secure Senior Health Solutions can be contacted at 520-484-3807 or [email protected] and sponsor XPERT Automotive in Catalina can be contacted at 520-818-1780.

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