It’s All Happening at the SaddleBrooke Dog Park

Nadine McAfee

We’ve been busy the first half of 2021, so here goes a huge thank you to all the SaddleBrooke Dog Park (SBDP) members who gave so generously to the Friends of Pinal County Animal Shelter this past holiday season. We received a lovely thank-you letter from the shelter director to let us know they were able to purchase much needed medical equipment with the more than $2,500 our members donated. We will be repeating this holiday fundraiser later in the year, so stay tuned!

Friends and neighbors of SaddleBrooke resident Louise T. Newitz, who passed away Oct. 11, 2020, purchased an Arizona Ash tree for the dog park in memory of a life well lived. We are honored to receive such a thoughtful gift. We have also installed a memorial garden for our beloved pets who have crossed over the rainbow bridge. For more information, contact [email protected].

Dog park signage is being updated, and we encourage all members to read and abide by the signs posted for the safety of our pets and ourselves. We also would like to welcome our many new members. It’s been a busy year for real estate. We hope all our members will continue to support our many sponsors who have stuck by us during these difficult times. See our sponsor boards in the park, or visit our website for a complete list of these wonderful sponsors.

Start planning your pet’s Halloween costume! We missed being able to have our Halloween Costume Party in 2020, so 2021 has to be twice as much fun. Our fundraiser and potluck for Cinco de Fido was also cancelled in 2020 and 2021, but stay tuned for a Dog Day afternoon event at the activity center in SaddleBrooke One on Saturday, Nov. 13. More details to follow for both events.

A special thanks to our incredible maintenance volunteers Jim Varva, Ken Wentz, Sterling Herstad, Bob Garner, and Patrick Travers, who do an excellent job of maintaining our beautiful dog park, and we’re all grateful for their hard work.

Dozens of our members, and other SaddleBrooke dog owners, attended training classes at the dog park during the first part of the year. We’re taking a break now, but classes will resume when we have cooler weather.

Interested in becoming a dog park member? Contact Ron Luning at [email protected] or Leslie Hawkins at [email protected].