Indoor cycling – it is a guy thing

Spinners Gary Haslett, Keith Dickmann and Tom Oetlinger

Indoor Cyclists Gary Haslett, Keith Dickmann and Tom Oetlinger

Kathy DeMerritt

You may be wondering why a gal is writing about indoor cycling being a guy thing – well, read on. Until recently the ratio of guys to gals was low in the sessions. Today popularity is increasing among guys who want to enjoy the benefits of indoor cycling. We would like to encourage more male participation.

Quotes from recent classes include:

“Having lived in northern England prior to moving to SaddleBrooke, I used to attend indoor cycling classes in the winter to maintain my conditioning for the (outdoor) cycling season. Since then I found the classes to be a great, low-impact alternative between my run and hiking days.” Tom Oetlinger

“There are few activities that help me reach such a high aerobic level and calorie burn in such a short time (45 minutes). Our encouraging leaders push us to higher performances than we would normally attain by ourselves. I am very glad I found indoor cycling.” Gary Haslett

And simply put, “Great exercise to improve your health!” Keith Dickmann

Who could ask for more? There are many bonus reasons to join us at one of our sessions.

The sessions are offered five times weekly, rain or shine, and they’re free!

The Keiser bikes offer the best in indoor cycling equipment. These same Keiser bikes were used by athletes to train for the most recent World Olympics.

Our leaders are knowledgeable and helpful and ready to acquaint new participants to the bikes.

All athletic levels can do this. Beginners to accomplished riders enjoy these sessions.

It is a great group of friendly people, sweating, laughing and pushing themselves, their neighbors and friends to a better level of fitness.

We hope these are enough reasons to encourage you to sample a class. If you are interested (and we sincerely hope you are), please contact Jim Ryan at  [email protected].