In Passing

Christoph Klomp

Christoph Klomp

Sept. 8, 1938, to Nov. 17, 2022

Chris and Ruthie moved to SaddleBrooke from Seattle in 2005. They both enjoyed their home, the weather, and new SaddleBrooke friends. Every year they became happier with their lives here. They were fortunate to find a home that would have a space for Chris’ grand piano. Chris played often, sometimes daily. Eventually, Chris’ hands developed arthritis. When he could no longer play, Chris and Ruthie decided to donate the grand piano to the SaddleBrooke One clubhouse.

Since then, the piano is used at large events, such as Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. The piano is used each week on Saturday Prime and Wine evening and at Sunday church services. The latest addition is the Senior Village Matinee at 1 p.m. when the residents have an opportunity to come and listen to great music.

Chris and Ruthie took many trips to Germany where Chris’ relatives live. They also took cruises and tropical vacations, but always loved coming home. Chris would be happy knowing the piano is here at the SaddleBrooke clubhouse for everyone to enjoy.

Chris often talked about the happy 18 years of retirement here in sunny Tucson and how the best years of his life were spent in SaddleBrooke with Ruthie.