ILR honors instructors

Ken Marich

On January 30 the Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR) held its annual reception to thank all of the instructors who volunteer to teach courses in the ILR program. Since the formation of the ILR in 2006, over 60 instructors have taught more than 300 courses in a wide variety of subjects, including history, art, science, literature, enology, music, astronomy, medicine and magic to name a few. Many instructors have taught multiple courses on different subjects.

The annual reception recognizes the value of all active instructors and other ILR volunteers, their hours of preparation and their commitment to the ILR program and to the SaddleBrooke community. This year’s reception was special as the Board continues to honor instructors that have taught more than 15 courses. The first recipient was Linda Griffin (2017), the second recipient was Louise Grabell (2018) and this year’s recipient is Punch Howarth. Punch is a professional musician and an amazing person with a wide range of talents from music to astrophysics. He has played percussion instruments for a number of symphony orchestras, including 21 years with the Southern Arizona Symphony Orchestra (SASO). In retirement he was a docent at Kitt Peak Observatory and lectured on the exciting world of astronomy and telescopes.

The ILR is SaddleBrooke’s outstanding adult education program and offers over 30 courses per year given by an all-volunteer faculty. The ILR offers SaddleBrooke residents the opportunity to be a student and enjoy learning as well as the opportunity to teach a course and the rewards from teaching others. Instructors don’t need previous teaching experience, just the desire to share their expertise with the students. The ILR program is fun and rewarding for both students and faculty. For more information go to or get an ILR Course Proposal Form from [email protected]