Players in the ‘Brooke compete in the 35th Senior Olympics

Joe Giammarino

On January 29, 2019 four members of the Pool Players of The Brooke (PPB) Billiard Club traveled down to Pockets Pool and Pub in Tucson to compete in the 35th Senior Olympics in the sport of 8-Ball Singles. This event is for 50 and older residents of Arizona who enjoy competing in this game. This competition is broken down by age in five-year increments and was played on nine nine-foot tables. We got there about 11:15 a.m., the tourney started around 1:30 p.m. and ended close to 5:00 p.m. The tourney ran smoothly after they had some difficulties and delays getting it started.

Dominic “The Doctor” Borland and Joe “Fast Eddie” Giammarino competed in the Men’s 65–69 bracket with 21 other competitors. Both of them won their bracket to advance to the medal round. Dominic “The Doctor” Borland placed second and won the silver medal. Joe “Fast Eddie” Giammarino took home the bronze medal and third place. We also ran into a couple other Billiard Clubs from different retirement communities in Arizona. This encounter sparked some conversations about getting together for some competition, which our club is working on.

Dan “Oh No!” Stebbins and Jan “Banker” Stebbins also competed in the Senior Olympic Games. Dan competed in the 75-79 bracket with 25 other players and had a very good showing with his third place finish and a bronze medal.

Jan “Banker” Stebbins one upped her husband Dan by taking home the silver medal and second place in her age bracket. Both Dan and Jan’s game has been increasingly more competitive as they spend a lot of time working on improving their game.

Congratulations to Dominic, Joe, Dan and Jan for stepping into the fray to compete and have success in the 35th Senior Olympic Festival at Pockets Pool and Pub.