Horizon Health Group on the desert road: The importance of making a retirement road map

David McMenamin, CFP® – Managing Partner/Wealth Advisor, Carson Wealth
When you drive from Tucson to San Diego, any local will tell you that you have to stop and fill up in Yuma. If you don’t, you end up in a very, very long stretch of desert without a filling station (or almost anything else!) in sight for miles. Financial life in retirement is similar: if you don’t make that stop to make that plan, you end up in a desert stretch of anxiety about money. At best, you’ll constantly be concerned about it, at worst, you’ll be “running on empty” financially.
A financial retirement road map will help you immensely for the journey ahead. Sitting down with a financial advisor to make an intentional plan will give you clarity and confidence today about tomorrow. It can be hard choosing a financial advisor, but a good one will have spent time and money on financial services marketing so they should stand out from the rest.
The best advisor will first talk with you about your values and your family – what’s most important to you, which will shape your financial life deeply. Next, they will talk with you about your current assets, and how you plan to cover retirement in the next decades. Several factors have to be accounted for here as well. People are living longer; Social Security is often in flux as to how much and how long it will pay and life is continually more expensive. An advisor can help you plan for these realities and map your way rather than driving blind.
Another important issue for those on the retirement journey is caring for the surviving spouse when the day comes. Putting together a spousal continuity plan will help fill that tank for that long stretch of life’s journey.
What will your spouse do after your death? Especially if, like most couples, one of you is the financial decision-maker and the other is not? Again, planning ahead with an empathetic and careful financial advisor can make sure there’s someone in your spouse’s corner when they need it. A solid financial advisor needs to work with more than just numbers – they need to work with you to make sure your portfolio reflects who you are and what your dreams are for the road ahead.
We at Horizon Financial Group are excited to announce that we are partnering with Carson Wealth headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. This affiliation gives us access to a national team of advisors and support staff, as well as the latest in financial technology to help us serve you. Going forward, we will be known as Carson Wealth and will still be providing the same personalized care you’ve known us for in the SaddleBrooke community.
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