Hiking in the Fabulous Dolomites – Presentation January 15

Michael Caryl

The SaddleBrooke Hiking Club’s monthly program, scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 15, is entitled Hiking in the Dolomites of Italy. Three of the club’s most prominent and experienced guides, Roy Carter, Tim Butler, and Cheryl Werstler, will present this interesting program. Each of these three veteran hikers have made multiple trips to the Dolomite Mountain range in northern Italy.

The substance dolomite is a pale rock, loosely defined as limestone and which contains magnesium. It is found all over the world, but the Dolomite Range is home to some of the most beautiful and striking mountains found anywhere. Not surprisingly, the Dolomites are a playground for world class skiing and other outdoor activities such as hiking and biking.

The region, commonly referred to as the Dolomites, contains nine distinct mountain ranges which contain eighteen peaks higher than 10,000 feet in elevation. All but the Brenta range are located east of Bolzano, within twenty-five miles of Cortina, Italy. All of the ‘Alta Vias’ (high routes), which are promoted as multi-day trails for long-distance trekking, pass through this area, but the entire region is one big hiking venue for all skill levels. Many trails have iron cables, called ‘via ferrata,’ anchored into the steep rock walls. They were installed during WWI for soldiers when the Austrians were fighting the Italians.

The presenters will describe their trip experiences which ranged from totally unsupported—i.e., planned and conducted on their own—to highly supported trips, which enjoy the generous ground and logistical support of guides. The three will provide interested viewers with a baseline for planning their own trip.

Each presenter will show the top photos and favorite treks from their visits. Hikes feature significant accumulated gains, various distances in mountainous terrain and breathtaking views in every direction. Club members and other SaddleBrooke residents are welcome to attend.


Cinque Torre from Zif Nouvolau in the Dolomites; Photo by Cheryl Werstler.