Hiking Club Volunteer Appreciation Event

Hiking Club volunteers enjoy a celebration. (Photo by Ruth Caldwell)

Ruth Caldwell

The board of SaddleBrooke Hiking Club hosted a Volunteer Appreciation Event this past April 20—the first held since the onset of COVID in 2020. They and the members all know that their club is only possible due to the many volunteers—the guides, all the various committee members, and the tech support. The “behind the curtain” folks are the ones who keep the magic going!

Because it’s been so long since the last celebration, the board wanted to make this one a very special event for its volunteers. The party took place at the SaddleBrooke One tennis pavilion with live music provided by Chuck Moses. The club provided the mains—pulled pork, chicken, and brisket (yum!), slaw, slider rolls, wine, and beer. Volunteers brought a dish to share.

After the feast, Moses sprang into gear, and the guests and spouses danced to some of their favorite songs. Everyone present agreed that it was a really fun event, and many requested more of the same next year!