Who Done It? CCP’s Successful Surprise

Andrea Molberg

Community Circle Players’ latest “Who done it?” dinner theatre production was a huge success. More than 750 people attended the late March murder mystery performances held on stage in the MountainView ballroom. Almost half of the tickets for Spook Light Legacy had already been purchased during the very first week they went on sale. What a wonderful endorsement for CCP and what fun for SaddleBrooke!

Director Shawne Cryderman so appreciated the support from the SaddleBrooke Community, plus the outstanding cooperation of the SaddleBrooke TWO banquet staff who did their best to accommodate meal preferences. The audience raved about the food, especially the fabulous dessert Death by Chocolate, which, according to producer Connie Ward, was “to die for” (pun intended).

The cast was both delighted with the audience response at each of its performances and grateful that audience members honored their pinky swear promise to keep mum about the murderer’s identity. The secret was kept. After seven performances, only 14 people correctly guessed who killed Lizzie Goodrest, daughter of Havva and Gedda Goodrest, played by Elizabeth Mastro.

As always, CCP got the audience involved. The audience’s written responses about who done it, how, and why were hilarious. Here are some examples: “To inherit the hotel herself, Butchee, the victim’s domestic partner, put poison in Liz’s lipstick.” “Lizzie took sleeping pills to fake her death and thereby avoid the inheritance.” Because she was the love child of Havva and Heidi Seeki, who visited the hotel in the past, nurse/maid/cook Seeki poisoned Liz with her duster on the dishes to get the inheritance.” “Fanny, a ghostly spirit and Heidi Seeki’s mother, poisoned Liz so that Heidi would inherit the hotel.” “Ghost Fanny scared Liz to death in the hall during a chase.” Did you identify the murderer?

CCP uses the proceeds of its productions to benefit the community and, with this year’s profits, will most likely purchase new mics for all to use.