Hikers Enjoy the Mountain Woods

Hikers Anne Stanley, Linda Fraley, Ruth Leman, Karen Schickedanz, Ellen Citron, Mike McCormick, and guide Ruth Caldwell (seated in front)

Ruth Caldwell

The last week of October offered a beautiful, crisp sunny day for seven SaddleBrooke hikers to head up Mount Lemmon to enjoy the Bear Wallow and Sunset Trails amongst stunning fall colors. Leaves of red, orange, and yellow, with the dark green of the pines, displayed a full fall palette.

If colors and sunlight weren’t enough to delight the senses, they also captured views of the wonderful overlook of the Santa Catalina Mountains toward a distant Tucson cityscape.

A little whimsy treated them on the Bear Wallow section. Many “fairy homes” (builders unknown), hidden in stumps and fallen logs, surprised the hikers along the way. It was a perfect day on the mountain.