Hello Woodworkers and Friends!

Jay Rosenlof

By now, many of you have read about the beginning of our Woodworking Club. Our focus has been to organize a club to focus on helping our community with woodworking repairs, projects, and general woodworking.

At our last meeting, we discussed how to work with the HOA to incorporate a woodworking facility in the arts and crafts facilities in this community. This project is still several years in the future, but we feel real progress is underway to have a community woodshop. Working with wood is a great way to meet new friends and learn new techniques with people who share the same passion.

Our club now has a working board of officers and is planning a series of classes to teach woodworking skills. Here is a list of the proposed classes:

• Woodworking 101: Surfacing, squaring, marking/scribing, basic joinery, and assembly

• Woodworking 201: Advanced joinery, carcass construction, drawers, raised panels, etc.

• Sharpening 101: Basic concepts and materials

• Sharpening 201: Extension to scrapers, plane blades, carving tools, turning tools, machine blades

• Finishing 101: Materials and concepts (dye, stain, glaze, color theory, protective coat, and completing the finish)

• Finishing 201: Demonstration of three hand-applied finishes

• Carving a ball and claw foot

• Demonstration of hand-cut dovetail joints

• Intro to Turning: How to do a pen turning and how to do a bowl turning

• Safety: How to use shop, tool, and machine safely (I put this towards the end so we can incorporate all the official shop safety policies.)

For all of you homeowners, our club is offering help with repairs as well as new projects. Our members have been involved in repairs of broken chairs, tables, cabinet doors, drawers, some refinishing, and other different challenges, along with building new cabinets, bookcases, and other endeavors. If you need some woodworking help, contact us and one of our members will do their best to help.

As a relatively new club in SaddleBrooke, we are recruiting new members and encouraging our existing members to participate in our monthly meetings. We meet once a month on the first Tuesday at 2 p.m. This month’s meeting is in the Catalina Room (MountainView Activity Center).

If you want to get involved or want to contact us, email [email protected].