Health Night Out

Phyllis Ketring, Publicity Coordinator

SaddleBrooke Health and Wellness is aware of the dangers that are presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and that SaddleBrooke residents are at high risk for contracting and suffering from the illness. We also recognize that health directives regarding the situation may change at short notice.

Because Health Night Out requires advance deadlines for articles in the newspapers, it is challenging to make last minute adjustments. For that reason, there will be no Health Night Out presentations during the months of May, June, or July. By August, we hope to have a more definitive guideline for proceeding.

We definitely intend to err on the side of health and safety of our residents and the presenters.

In the meantime, we will continue to post the latest scheduling updates on

Health Night Out is a free educational presentation for residents of SaddleBrooke and is brought to you by SaddleBrooke Health and Wellness. It offers a unique opportunity to learn from highly skilled local doctors and practitioners about a wide variety of health issues.