Health Night Out presents Dr. Francois – orthopedic surgeon

Annie Francois, MD

Health Night Out, presents Dr. Annie Lourdes François, orthopedic surgeon, who will talk to us about Joint Replacement, focusing on her specialty, using the NAVIO. Join us on Monday, April 22, 2019, at 7:00 p.m. in the MountainView Ballroom.

Dr. Annie Lourdes François is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with Arizona Community Surgeons.

This incredible woman was born in Haiti; she came to the United States at age 9 and grew up in southern California as the oldest of a brood of six, that included her brother, sister and three cousins.

Until the age of 10, she wanted to be a nurse like a beloved aunt. Then she learned that women could be doctors, too. That is all that it took. She knew at that moment that she would become a doctor one day. Yes, Dr. Annie Lourdes François.

She did well in school and attended La Sierra University in Riverside, California. She went on to Loma Linda School of Medicine in Loma Linda, California, where she received her medical degree. Lucky for us, she then matched to the University of Arizona orthopedic surgery residency program, graduating in 2013. She was not only a doctor but an orthopedic surgeon.

The next adventure was a year of further training based in small-town Lima, Ohio. This is where she truly found herself as a surgeon, covering up to six different hospitals and clinics in various counties. With her tropical roots and California upbringing, living in snow came with many surprises. However, she was happy to move to Ohio to continue her medical career. She was also made aware of dr mortgage loans that can help young doctors to access a home financing option. This sort of loan is extremely helpful for those who have spent a lot of their life trying to become medical professionals. With the help of loans, she was able to move into a home in Ohio. She had never managed so many layers of clothing and promptly lost her gloves on the first day she wore them.

The Ohio experience prepared Dr. François for the practice of orthopedic surgery at St. Mary’s Hospital in Tucson where she opened a general orthopedic practice. In addition to her main office on the St. Mary’s Hospital campus, Dr. François also sees patients weekly in Nogales.

Dr. François believes in the autonomy of patients and their ability and right to make decisions for themselves regarding their treatment. She is committed to educating her patients thoroughly, regarding all medical and surgical options to help them make informed decisions before proceeding with a plan of care.

Dr. François treats a broad range of operative and non-operative orthopedic conditions. She has an acute interest in fracture care and hip and knee replacement. Over time she has begun to narrow her practice to her desired focus of total knee and hip arthroplasty. Specifically, she has become certified in the Navio computer-assisted knee system, making total knee replacement her favorite surgery.

Besides work, which she enjoys very much, Dr. François likes to spend time with her husband and children, 14, 12, 8 and their precocious three-year old daughter. Dr. Francois enjoys reading and listening to the news, spending time with her siblings in California and eating.

Come and learn what is new and what is successful with this new approach to surgery. Please mark your calendars for Monday, April 22 at 7:00 p.m. and come to the MountainView Ballroom to hear this most amazing woman share her wisdom.