Guidelines for Appealing a Citation

Michael Leesley, SBHOA2 Rules and Regulations Committee

The SaddleBrooke Patrol occasionally believes they have witnessed our rules being broken and that it is necessary to issue a citation. Nobody likes to receive a citation, but the majority of those who do shrug and admit to themselves that the citation was warranted and regret that they were caught. But on occasion, the circumstances surrounding the issuance of the citation might favor a more lenient outcome than a heavy fine. And some of the fines are indeed heavy, particularly if the citation was issued in a Safety Corridor where fines are automatically doubled—a good reason for all of us to be sure we are aware which of our streets are Safety Corridors.

If you feel that you deserve better than a hefty fine, then you do have a place to turn. You may appeal your case to the SBHOA2 Rules and Regulations Committee. Start the ball rolling by sending a copy of your citation, along with a note of appeal detailing the reasons you believe the citation should be voided, to the SBHOA2 Rules and Regulations Committee, 38735 S. Mountain View Boulevard, Tucson, AZ 85739, or drop it off at the Administration office. Instead, you may choose to pick up a vViolation Appeal form from the Administration office or download one from our SBHOA2 website

After completing the Violation Appeal form, you can submit it to the SBHOA2 Rules and Regulations Committee as above.

The committee will discuss your appeal letter and decide whether your appeal should be denied or upheld. You will be notified of the decision in a timely manner. If your appeal is denied and you have more information that was not set out in your appeal letter, you may request a hearing in front of the Rules and Regulations Committee at their next monthly meeting. You will be assigned a time, date, and location for your hearing.

If your appeal is denied, then you have one final recourse: You can send your appeal directly to the main board of directors via the Administration office.

If you wish to see the more formal statement regarding the appeals procedure, you can refer to Section 3.04 (Appeal to RRC) in the SBHOA2 Rules and Regulations document, available from the Administration office or online at