Growing Older Can Be a Process for Inner Growth

Suzanne Marlatt Stewart

There is no debate about the fact that we are all aging. Physically, it is very obvious that our bodies are changing. However, our minds and inner self-awareness can keep expanding.

Thomas Moore is a bestselling New York Times author, and in his book Ageless Soul, he states,

“As you get older, if you are not moving beyond your earlier understanding of life, you’re not expanding. You’ve become stuck in a belief. Spirituality is a process. Therefore, as an older person, you are an expanded version of the self you used to be… it is about who you are and how you live. This means constant change and unfolding.”

In these times, with so much uncertainty, nothing is carved in stone. Learning to go within, rather than searching outward, can provide answers. Questioning old beliefs and letting go of the thinking that there is only one way brings a sense of freedom. Expansion is a process of opening up to new possibilities and enlightenment.

Diane Wing, M.A., is a Life Path coach and multi-published author. She offers the following actions that have been shown to help ensure the path of inner and spiritual expansion with integrity.

Take Right Action: Consider your options and what feels right to you. Is your decision the best for you and all concerned? Act from the highest good; honor and respect life.

Make Sure You Are Energetically Clear: Get rid of negativity on a regular basis. Learn to lighten your load… practice clearing, grounding, and protecting methods.

Walk the Talk: Practice what you preach. Do you take your own advice? Do you live in accordance with the philosophy you impart to others? Actions do speak louder than words.

Take Responsibility: Own the decisions you make and actions you take. Look for the lessons in every experience. Stop complaining and blaming others. Remember, you make the best decision you can with what you know at the time. Forgive yourself and others.

Connect to the Divine Consciousness: Connection to spirit is not a specific time or going to a certain place. It is the divine guidance of continuous connection. Be open and listen.

Practice Acceptance—Suspend Judgment: If someone is following a path you disagree with, remember it is their path and their lessons. You don’t know the reasons for someone else’s life choices. Honor the divine within another, rather than focusing on the behavior.

Expand Your Heart: Find ways to expand your heart for the betterment of yourself and others. Spread love. High vibrational energy uplifts the world.

Practice Gratitude: Be deeply grateful for everything in your life, even when you think it is negative or painful. It is there for a reason, and spirit is showing you something that is important to your growth.

Wise words by Thomas Moore: “… look at aging differently, not as growing older but as becoming a real person and fulfilling your own destiny.”

Rev. Suzanne is an independent writer and speaker. Email [email protected]