Full Beaver Moon or Frost Moon

Christine Reding

November aptly named for beavers lodging for winter

Heating rocks wrapped in leather skins for warming

Daily provisions being secured are decreasingly thinner

Existing on berries, butternuts, acorns, walnuts forming

A rich surplus of earth’s maple syrup tapped and dripping

Hunting with banner stones weighted when thrusting a spear

Soapstone nets sink below the surface capturing elusive fish

Snowshoeing 50 miles per day to ensnare unsuspecting rabbits and deer

Smearing bodies of animal fat and oil, escaping the frigid abyss

Wrapped in caribou fur with double insulation shedding water and snow

Existing frigid elements wandering and becoming lost

Walking aimlessly self-guided to ascribe food on an empty plateau

Habitation with the cold moon that produces the November frost