Grant Farquhar jump-starts the hole-in-one train

Bob Edelblut

There is absolutely nothing like a hole-in-one! Everyone connected to the moment feels the thrill either directly or vicariously. That thrill never gets old. Many in the community have been wondering if the Men’s Club Hole-in-One Train was broken or maybe out of commission. Thank you, Grant, for dispelling these ugly rumors.

On Tuesday, April 25 at the Preserve Golf Club Grant Farquhar recorded his fifth hole-in-one. I think there is the chance that he liked this one the best. Listen to some of the particulars. The wind was blowing fiercely, maybe as much as 35 miles an hour, and of course, his shot was directly into the teeth of the wind. Ugh. The ace occurred on the 14th hole which happened to be his starting hole for the round. Yes, it was his first shot of the day. The distance, he felt, was about 190 yards and the conditions prompted him to choose a 3 wood for the shot. Wow! Grant admitted that all he and his partners were thinking about was how they would get their balls to the green. The shot landed about 15 feet in front of the flag and rolled very nicely into the hole. His partners were Peter Backer and Art Walsh and the best word to describe their reactions is stunned. Congratulations again and thank you for allowing all of us to share in your thrill.

Most of Grant’s golf experience, prior to SaddleBrooke, was centered around the Hazeltine National Golf Club where he was a member for almost 35 years. Doing a little math on the back of the envelope it appears that Grant has been playing golf for over 40 years but did not take up the game until he was in graduate school even though he worked at golf courses cutting greens all through college. Good story!