Good Wags and Good Works

Kenzie, a SaddleBrooke Dog Park pup

Linda Lyon

The SaddleBrooke Dog Park (SBDP) Association is once again in very capable hands with the re-election of Susan Williams as the president, Nadine McAfee as vice president, and Kris Letterman as treasurer. Pat Tarr joins the other officers as secretary. Other members of this year’s board include Ken Wentz, Jim Vavra, Cathy Lee, Bonnie Buntain, and Ron Luning. They are aided by a cadre of dedicated volunteers, enjoy a healthy budget, and are working to implement a robust improvement plan.

Although a valuable amenity to SaddleBrooke, the SBDP is not funded by either HOA. Member dues and sponsor fees fund park maintenance and improvements, much of which is done by a volunteer maintenance team led by Jim Vavra. Other members of this team include Sterling Herstad, Ken Wentz, Bob Garner, Patrick Travers, and Mark Byl.

Dues are $100 per year per household, which, for those who visit almost daily, works out to only 30 cents a day. Benefits gained far outweigh the cost, since exercise and socialization are critical to any healthy pup. Puppy parents also enjoy socializing with others while watching their pups have fun.

A local joke among dog owners is that if we are reincarnated, we want to come back as a dog living in SaddleBrooke. Yes, our pups have it good, but there are many others out there who don’t. SBDP members volunteer at both Pima and Pinal County shelters, and the association has held fundraisers to benefit shelters and other dog charities. One such fundraiser is currently underway to purchase a large commercial extractor washing machine for the Pinal County Shelter. The current extractor is very well used and does not have a large enough capacity to keep up with all the laundry generated. These are expensive machines, but with the help of generous donors, the SBDP has already raised 25 percent of our goal. Those interested in supporting this very worthwhile cause can go to to donate or mail a check to Friends of Pinal County Animal Shelter & Rescues, P.O. Box 11145, Casa Grande, AZ 85130-0147.

More information about the SBDP can be found at and on our Facebook page at