Good Samaritans save sweet dog

Cleeda Junglas

Two ladies I work with rescued a precious little dog on Oracle Road that was hit by a car. The driver stopped, got out of her car and looked at the injured dog and then drove away leaving the poor animal in the road. The dog crawled off the road with her severe injuries into a storm drain.

Kim saw what happened and went looking for the injured dog. She called the salon where she works and asked Carol, the salon owner, to look around the building for the injured dog.

Kim and Carol located the dog in the storm drain, crawled into the drain to take this sweet and gentle dog out. They put her in Kim’s SUV and took her to Dove Mountain Veterinary. This was after 5:00 p.m. and getting dark outside but the vet took her in. The staff was so kind and the veterinarian immediately attended to the little girl. She was so badly injured that she had to be euthanized. The vet was kind enough to waive all charges and praised Kim and Carol for being such good Samaritans.

How could anyone drive away from an injured animal when they are so dearly loved and important to our lives?

Thank you, Kim and Carol, for your love and compassion for our animals.