Golf balls make a difference

Jerry Davis picks up as many as 30 balls on his morning walk.

Jerry Davis picks up as many as 30 balls on his morning walk.

Dick Kroese

A story to be told: Jerry Davis, retired president of three major railroads walks every morning not on a road, but on places where few of us walk. He walks four miles along the rough of golf courses for the sole purpose of exercise. While he is walking he picks up golf balls; some days he picks up as many as 30 balls on his trip. Jerry, to this date, has collected approximately 7200 balls. Jerry, wanting to make a difference, approached me because he knew I was in Rotary and we are about helping kids. He asked me if Rotary could sell the golf balls to make money for kids. Since Rotary does not want to compete with Jim Handrigan or Kids’ Closet and Rotary and Jim are both all about helping kids, Rotary gave the 1000 golf balls to Jim and Kids’ Closet. Jim to date has received only one other donation of the magnitude of the donation given by Jerry.

A little about Jim Handrigan and Kids’ Closet: Kids’ Closet began fifteen years ago. In the first month they sold ten dozen golf balls. When Jim first started Kids’ Closet Golf Balls, he had three goals in mind. His first goal was to reach $100,000. He accomplished that goal some years ago. His next goal was to clothe a thousand kids. This goal was reached in 2012. As of this date, Jim has raised over $177,000 dollars, clothed 1,334 kids and has processed 1,700,000 golf balls.

Think of it: Two individuals, two organizations all working together to help kids. Is that not what it is all about, helping kids succeed in life?