Golf balls for a dog-gone good cause

You probably remember the game show Let’s Make a Deal, in which Monty Hall would select contestants from the audience and trade items of value for another item.

Let’s Make a Deal has come to a garage in SaddleBrooke! You can pick up ten gently-used golf balls, in exchange for your $5 bill. All golfers need some of these balls in your bag for those water hazards or long narrow fairways crowded with cacti or trees on each side.

And here’s the win-win of this deal: All your money will be used to purchase replacement covers for elevated dog beds at the Pinal County Animal Care and Control Shelter! A local fundraising project in 2018 delivered 90 dog beds to the county’s shelter and now those beds are in need of periodic repairs. Each dog bed replacement cover costs about $10, and the shelter needs about a dozen each month.

Even if you don’t need a few golf balls, you are welcome to contribute funds for the replacement covers. Your win-win is knowing that you’ve helped dogs at the shelter to rest more comfortably off the cold, hard and sometimes damp concrete floor.

To make your “trade” contact Joy Wegner at 619-971-4225. Golf balls can be selected from hundreds in the Wegner’s stash at their home in SaddleBrooke One.