Genealogy Club to Hold a Welcome Back Snack and Chat

Kathy Booher

Are you a seasoned detective in genealogy research or just beginning your journey into the past? The Genealogy Club is a group of inquisitive minded folks who are searching for the answers to “where did I come from?” The group meets the first Thursday of every month at 1 p.m. in the Coyote Room at SaddleBrooke One.

Club dues are $15 per year, and new members are welcome to join us. Guests are invited to attend two meetings before becoming club members.

The club is holding a Welcome Back Snack and Chat on Oct. 15 from 5 to 8 p.m. in the SaddleBrooke One Activity Center. Please bring your favorite snack to share. BYOB. The club will provide water. This will be a great evening to catch up with current members and meet new members.

The Nov. 4 meeting will feature the topic “Using SaddleBrooke’s Amazing Genealogy Library,” with Sharon Scanlon as guest speaker. For new members and guests, this will be a great introduction to the wide variety of research materials available to club members. Seasoned genealogists will have the opportunity to be re-introduced to familiar resources while also learning about new sources to assist them in their search into the past.

For more information, contact President Jeri Taylor (president) at [email protected], Rick Morrison (treasurer) at rick28[email protected], or Kathy Booher (publicity) at [email protected].

Note: The club website is currently not functioning, but plans are underway to resolve this—stay tuned for updates.