Author! Author! Send Me a Hero!

Renee Mazin

Authors give us heroes to root for and to follow. Sometimes we like our heroes to be invincible. Other times, we accept the flaws that make them more human. Their age may not matter, nor nationality, nor day job. But they need to be clever, agile, familiar with weapons, or handy in a fight. They need to be smarter than the bad guys. If they have a dry sense of humor, a quirky hobby, or some interesting friends or family members, that adds to our enjoyment. Authors also set the place that can work for them, or against them. We may not know how they will succeed, but we appreciate the suspense, tension, and excitement that builds until they win.

Here are some authors who have created heroes that are part of a series of books. The SaddleBrooke Community Libraries may not have all the books (beginning from the very first in the series), but you may want to acquaint yourself with their most current exploits. To list a few: Jussi Adler-Olsen, Ace Atkins, C. J. Box, James Lee Burke, Michael Connelly, Jeff Deaver, Robert Crais, James Grippando, Greg Hurwitz, Joe Ide, Craig Johnson, Jonathan Kellerman, William Kent Krueger, John Lescroart, Michael McGinity, Jo Nesbo, Nick Petrie, John Sandford, Daniel Silva, Brad Taylor, Brad Thor, and Stuart Woods.

Sometimes we become attached to a hero, but then learn that our beloved author has passed away. Yet, our hero survives. Authors may have left us a legacy, leaving instructions for publishers to designate a new author to take up that hero’s mantle. These authors include Robert B. Parker, Robert Ludlum, Vince Flynn, Clive Cussler, and Tom Clancy.

You won’t be able to find books on the library shelf under the deceased author’s name because someone else is writing them. How can you find these books? Use the easy link to the online library catalog on the library website, Just type in the deceased author’s name and all the books written by him or his designated author will appear. Note the name of the new author to check the shelf location for that author when you visit the library. You may also choose to reserve an item online by clicking the green button for the library of your choice.

There are many more literary heroes in other books waiting for you at the library. Some are in series, some are stand-alones. In October, a list of authors of heroes will be available in each of the three libraries: DesertView, SaddleBrooke One, and the Cholla Library in the MountainView Clubhouse. This month, we focused on the guys. Stay tuned for a future column when we give the women their accolades.

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