Fun Facts About the Swim Club: Did You Know?

Swim Club Head Coach Terry Heggy (pictured at the DesertView pool) enjoys helping swimmers of all abilities achieve their goals. (Photo by Claire Guidas)

Claire Guidas

Many of you may see Swim Club members in the DesertView pool working out while you are in the weight room, and/or you may have participated in one of the many free swim clinics offered by the club over the years.

If you are not, however, a current member of the Swim Club, you may not be aware of the many contributions that the club makes to the community on a regular basis, either helping residents, maintaining the DesertView pool, or promoting SaddleBrooke.

For example, did you know that the Swim Club:

• Has had at least 400 nonmember residents participate in our free Let’s Swim and Adult Learn to Swim Clinics over the past several years. We regularly receive very positive feedback from attendees telling us they appreciate learning better techniques and being comfortable in the water.

• Continues to act as a steward of the DesertView pool. The club not only contributed funds to lane line replacement a few years ago, but also purchased the digital workout clocks and researched, then purchased, the new backstroke flags last fall.

• Includes about 120 members. About one-third of these are competitive swimmers, while the others are focused on health and wellness as well as socializing with their swim friends.

• Has had competitive swimmers experience great success in swim meets here in Arizona as well as at national meets throughout the country. This markets the SaddleBrooke community and has attracted swimmers from other areas to buy here.

If you can already swim and are interested in socializing with others while you improve your skills, feel free to try a few SaddleBrooke Swim Club workouts for free before joining the club ($20 per year). There’s no need to compete, but you can compete if you like. Swimmers of all abilities (fitness to competitive) are welcome, and many time slots are offered per week. Check out our website or email Swim Club new member ambassador Martha Takakoshi at [email protected].