Fred Kjar collects another  hole-in-one

Bob Edelblut

Two and a half years ago Fred recorded his second hole-in-one. I think it is safe to say that he doubted it would ever happen again. Then, Friday, August 25 appeared on the calendar and Fred was playing MountainView with his normal Friday group. Yes, his first was also at MountainView on the 13th hole. This time he brought the 4th hole to its knees. His playing partners agreed that his shot was about 135 yards. Fred acknowledged that he could no longer see that far so he was forced to accept their input. Isn’t it great to have friends like Dan Schroeder and Jerry Edwards that you can rely on? Yes, both gentlemen stated for the record that they saw it fall into the hole. Fred chose his new Rogue seven iron for the shot and with confidence stated that he had executed a power fade. The others clearly agreed that it was a fade. You can tell that Fred’s playing partners jumped head first into the celebration! Congratulations, Fred. We are all envious.

Many of you know that Fred and his wife Susan live in Unit 49 and have now done so for about ten years. I am not really sure which of the them took up the game first nor do I know just how long Fred has been playing the game but I do know that they both need to replace their golf cars every three or four years. Again, congratulations. Yours is the ninth of the year for the MPMGA!