Francophiles solve the “Four Deuces Speakeasy” murder mystery

Infamous cast of characters from the “Four Deuces Speakeasy.

Pat Smith

For the first time ever, the SaddleBrooke Francophiles donned period costumes and took on a Roaring Twenties murder mystery, portraying some rather dubious characters at the opening of the “Four Deuces Speakeasy” at the home of Jan and Ed DiEnno on October 20. The evening was spent following clues and trying to figure out who murdered “Big Jim Ravioli” aka Jim Gray. After much character assassination and careful sleuthing by the entire cast, it was determined that his daughter, “Rebecca Ravioli” aka Carey Ricard, was the culprit and, therefore, hauled away to prison. Much fun was had by all and we plan to revisit a murder mystery scenario in the future.

Our annual Julia Child/Jacques Pepin Progressive Dinner highlighted many fabulous French dishes created by these famous French chefs. Members began the evening at the home of Pat Smith, with wine and hearty hor d’oeuvres; next stop were the entree host homes where members enjoyed beef, chicken and fish dishes taken from the cookbooks of these chefs. Delicious crepes, filled with a variety of fillings, were paired with champagne at the dessert home, hosted by Lennie Good. This event is always an anticipated one because of the variety of superb dishes created by our members. Yum! Pat Dawydowych chairs this wonderful event.

The SaddleBrooke Francophiles celebrated the season with a Holiday Brunch on December 2; members shared a variety of finger sandwiches, sweets, breakfast bites, fruit salad and some Spirits of the Season! The New Year will highlight our 19th Anniversary Dinner on January 19, honoring our founders, Bill and Suzanne Brown and our founding members; a very special French dinner, music and remembrances will be featured for this evening.

Upcoming activities including a February 9 “Pink and White” Party, followed by the “Foods and Wines of France” on March 16. Our traditional “Paris in the Park” event April 13 will close our 2018-2019 season of parties, activities and events. Diners a la Maison, intimate dinners at host homes, will happen January 17, February 21 and April 18. Mylinda Guillen chairs these delightful evenings.

For more information about the SaddleBrooke Francophiles, please contact Pat Smith at 825-2409. Vive la France!