Francophiles celebrate Halloween

Francophiles' celebrate Halloween in grand style.

Francophiles’ celebrate Halloween in grand style.

Pat Smith

Halloween was celebrated in grand style by the SaddleBrooke Francophiles on Oct. 19, at the home of Bob and Carey Ricard. Members played games, including “Guess What Halloween Symbol I Am”, with prizes given to the four quickest guesses. Prizes were also given to those who wore the most creative costumes; winners included Rudi Faller (Liberace) and Liz Denbo (Bella), Dave and Mylinda Guillen (French Toast), Jim Grey (Hamburger Man), and Bob Ricard (Wine Bottle.) Even the entrees and desserts reflected the Halloween theme, so a truly scary time was enjoyed by all.

Our annual French Progressive Dinner is always a highlight of our season of events, and this year was not an exception. On Nov. 16, members prepared French hors d’oeuvres, entrees, and desserts for this special dinner, meeting first at the home of Pat Smith for wine and appetizers. Members then enjoyed delicious entrees and side dishes hosted at the homes of Chris and Larry Crum, Mylinda and Dave Guillen, Mike and Trish Reilly, and Rudi Faller and Liz Denbo. At the end of the evening, Francophiles savored French desserts and sparkling Proseco, gathering at the home of Lennie Good. Our members’ culinary talents were on display for this extraordinary meal.

Upcoming events include our holiday brunch on Dec. 15, followed by the French Bread/Puff Pastry Extravaganza on Jan. 18. Our members will be participating in the annual SAACA Botanical Gardens Festival on Feb. 1. We will also be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a French Film and Chocolate Party on Feb. 15. On March 21, our first ever Heritage Day Celebration will be happening, and we will round out our Season of Events on April 18 with a Scavenger Hunt and “Fete du Citron”, where all the foods created will have a lemon recipe theme. In addition to all this fun, our Diners a la Maison will be held on March 11 and April 29, once again chaired by Mylinda Guillen.

For more information, contact Pat Smith, 825-2409. It is not necessary to speak French to be a SaddleBrooke Francophile. Vive la France!