Fine Arts Guild Contest Winners

Karen Brungardt

The SaddleBrooke Fine Arts Guild once again held a guild-wide contest for our artists. The contest, called One Image, No Limits, provides the artists who choose to compete with a photograph of something local to Tucson. The photograph is chosen from ones submitted by our guild photographers.

The artist then chooses how to use this photo in their artwork. At least one readily identifiable part of the photo must be present in the artwork. From there, it’s up to the artist what medium to use, how to compose the subject, what colors to use, and what size they prefer. They also have to decide what base they’ll use, whether it’s paper, metal, tile, canvas, or whatever else they can use. They can get creative however they like, as long as it uses something from the photo in the finished piece.

The pieces are then judged by a non-participating artist from our guild, so we have an independent eye to decide the winners for our categories. The pieces submitted are anonymous, as we cover signatures so the judge can assess the entry for its content, not knowing who made it. Then the winning artists are awarded with a certificate and their prize.

It’s fun and creative and always interesting to see what is submitted. If you haven’t figured out by now, we have an awesome amount of talent in SaddleBrooke and especially in our art guild!

To see the submitted artwork in person, go to the Roadrunner Grill hallway at SaddleBrooke One to see all of them, plus even more from our membership.

The winners of this contest are Renee Pearson for Best of Show, Deb Kresnicka for Award of Excellence, Marsha Bellsey for Most Creative Approach, Karen Brungardt for Honorable Mention, and Margie Fey for Honorable Mention in the beginner’s category.

The guild will have another contest starting in October, and if you’re a guild member, you qualify to enter! For more information about our guild, go to