Feline Authors Hit the Tennis Courts in Style

Carly and Charly

Carly and Charly

After the successful launch of the Adventures of Carly and Charly series with How It All Began and Let’s Go Boating, we’re now headed out onto the tennis courts. Who would have guessed?

In Let’s Play Tennis, we hit the courts in full gear with matching shades, shirts, and shoes, because we know that looking good is important in SaddleBrooke. We take lessons and practice our serves and returns. We try drop shots and lobs. As cats, we’re quite agile, yet we still struggle with the scoring. Who on earth came up with 15, 30, 40? Sacre bleu!

Let’s Play Tennis provides a window into this exciting feline journey for children 6 to 10. There are lots of chills and thrills as we carefully move in tandem out on the courts. Blue or green? It doesn’t really matter to us, but our eyes are green!

Let’s Play Tennis is available at the SaddleBrooke Gift Shop and through online book sellers. To show our gratitude, 75% of the net proceeds will be donated to the Humane Society.

And we’re pleased to announce that right on the heels of the first three books is Let’s Play Pickleball where we venture out onto the pickleball courts for another cat court experience. The good news is that there are now seven books in the Adventures of Carly and Charly series showcasing exciting feline adventures, including baking, horseback riding, and skateboarding in the works. These books will be published over the next several months. In the meantime, purrfect cat adventure ideas are being collected at [email protected]