An evening of communication with those in spirit

Glenda Anderson

Communication with the spirits of our ancestor’s loved ones and spirit guides is possible. Even by checking out sites like Psychic Sofa, it is clearer to see that a lot of people put trust in psychic mediums to help them get their life back on track, improve relationships, or even communicate to loved ones who are no longer here.

Internationally recognized Charles Peden, Animal Communicator, and Psychic Medium, will speak to the SaddleBrooke Metaphysical Study Group about this possibility on Wednesday, February 11, 2014, beginning at 7:00 p.m. Experienced in locating missing pets and humans, helping clients obtain closure after the death of a loved one and even determining the cause of a living pet’s illness, Peden will amaze attendees with his abilities. Without photos or personal belongings of the loved one, he will describe the individual coming through. Many times full physical descriptions brought forward will contain color, posture, teeth, unusual markings or blemishes or features they were very proud of. Other details may include the manner of passing, type of work, favorite activities and more.

Early in his childhood, Peden had a few brushes with those in spirit. When he attempted to discuss them he was sternly discouraged from doing so. Suppressing his childhood memories and burying his abilities, Peden moved through his teens and into adulthood with an aversion to anything considered New Age or supernatural; skeptical of all things paranormal.

Then one day a ghost appeared in his home. At about the same time his abilities came rushing back. After much soul searching, he stepped down as President of the North American Sea Glass Association, sold his business By the Bay Treasures and became a fulltime psychic medium. In July, 2006, Peden discovered his abilities extended to living animals as well as those in spirit. It was then he began working alongside organizations such as the SPCA, The Humane Society and others. From his home office in the mountains of the Gold Country east of Sacramento, California, Peden provides his services worldwide over the telephone, via Skype, in a chat room as well as in person.

For those of you who would like to communicate with those in spirit, whether human or animal, or with a living pet, this presentation is for you. No photographs or personal articles are needed. The evening will include a brief description of how it all works followed by a group reading for those present. Additionally, attendees will be given a numbered ticket upon arrival. If your number is drawn you will receive a short reading during the presentation. Private readings will be available the following day by appointment. For questions and appointments please contact Susan Parker at 520-314-3610. For additional information about Peden’s services, visit

Mark your calendars today to join us for this unique opportunity on Wednesday, February 11, 2014, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the SaddleBrooke One Activity Center, 64518 Galveston Lane. Our meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month from October through May at the Activity Center. There is no charge and all are welcome. For further information contact Julie Goodman at 825-4407 or Susan Parker at 314-3610.