Employee appreciation – still time to say “thank you”

Mary Baglien

The holidays are rapidly approaching and time always seems to move more quickly during this season; however, you still have time to say thank you to our employees for their continued hard work and dedication that they demonstrate throughout the year. We enjoy more than 150 employees who work in our restaurants, maintain our facilities and grounds, patrol our community and provide administrative services.

The Employee Appreciation Committee for HOA 2 would like you to join us in showing appreciation to our employees for their continued hard work and dedication throughout the year. Now is the time to make a generous contribution to show our gratitude.

All monetary donations received from you by November 23 will be distributed to our employees at the annual Employee Holiday Luncheon that will be held in mid-December. Individual amounts are kept confidential and any amount will be greatly appreciated.

You may drop your check off at the Administration Building front desk or send it to:

Employee Appreciation for HOA 2, 38759 MountainView Boulevard, Tucson, Arizona 85739

For accounting purposes only please include your name, address, phone number, and Unit number on your check. Remember to make your contribution by November 23. Thank you!