East Coast Swing Option

Stan and Jane will be teaching the East Coast Swing class.

Jane Gromelski

East Coast Swing is a great option for both western dancers and ballroom dancers.

Swing is the dance that I identify as rock and roll. Remember Dick Clark’s American Bandstand? If the song had a good beat, you could dance to it! So many great songs from Glen Miller, the 50s and 60s sock hops, right up to today’s songs! You can swing to most Texas two-step songs as well. The man does a triple step to his left, then a triple to his right, followed by a rock step. The woman mirrors his steps. That’s the basic step. Then he turns her out and turns her back. Just these few steps and you can have a great time dancing with your partner. Then the right song plays, and you can’t wait to dance!

If you never learned, or need help coordinating your moves with your partner, or just want a few more steps to include in your repertoire, join our class.

Stan and I, as residents, have been teaching various ballroom and country western dance classes here in SaddleBrooke since 2005. We were asked to teach East Coast Swing again. Since we love to share our knowledge and love of dance with others, we said yes! We make dance classes fun because dancing is fun, so learning should be fun as well.

Classes will be held in the SaddleBrooke One Vermilion Room starting Thursday, Jan. 13, at 5:30 p.m. Each session will be 50 minutes. That’s the optimum learning period. There will be six classes in the series, running through February.

Grab your partner, some neighbors, and come learn how to get out on the dance floor and rock and roll!

To sign up for class, email me at [email protected]