Drop-In Tennis Wants You

What is drop-in tennis? Simple—it is where a group of people (men and women) get together to play tennis and enjoy each other’s company. You are an ideal prospect if:

1. You don’t want to be committed to a set schedule.

2. You don’t feel comfortable with the pressure of winning and losing.

3. You’re concerned that you aren’t a very skilled player, but are enthusiastic.

4. You don’t like the noise the other racquet sports make.

5. You think Roland-Garros is a wine from Chile.

The rules are simple. We play Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 2 and 4 p.m. (evenings in the summer) at SaddleBrooke tennis courts. We usually play on courts 7 and 8, but occasionally on other courts. For exact location, you can check court reservations at saddlebrooketennisclub.net. No reservations are required. Show up anytime in that timeframe; go home anytime; come as often as you want (snowbirds are welcome), and keep your sense of humor.

Our players range in age from 50s to 90s (even guest children and grandchildren have been known to show up), and the skill level is wide. No one feels out of place or intimidated. Repeating, ladies are welcome!

Drop-in tennis lost its longtime mentor Al Petito recently. We play on in his memory and vow to enjoy the game as much as he did.

Come and join the fun!